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News Article List   27.09.2020 20:53:33

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New Gyroplane Plans Library is now online!

Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Great News several members have uploaded over 40 PDF files of gyroplane Plans from various designers. There are Bensen planes for models B8, B-80, B8M = floats, B8GM, B8MV = Volkswagen engine. The B8 drawings include Gyro-Glider, Joy Sick Control, Off-Ser Gimbal, Power Conversion, Cowling Eng & Fuel Mounts Rotor-Head System.

Also included are KB2, Hornet, Plans for an Autogire (in Spanish), Custom Rotor Head Plans and Rotary Flight Internationals RF140 Tandem Airframe as well as Mach 10 & 15 Plans and a Manual.

We are please to offer them to you to upload and share or download and view.

In order to access the page we ask you to join us because it is an upload point into our site. It is necessity for us to know who uploaded the plans in order to audit and ban spammers.

Click www.AviomaniaUSA.com/Plans.aspx to get started.



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