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Chuck Beady on Which Moden Gyroplanes are Stable

Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Chuck Beady (engineer/ inventor) who is a LEDGEN in the gyroplane community announced that the only modern gyroplanes that appear to completely meet the stability criteria established by Juan de la Cierva’s is the Aviomania Genesis, Ron Herron’s LittleWing, and probably the Austrian Arrow-Copter.

Chuck Beady (engineer/ inventor) is the person who is credited with making gyroplanes safe for the first time since they were invented by Juan de la Cierva’s published his finding today.

Before Chuck’s rediscovery the death rate was terrible.

To see his actual post and learn more about gyroplane stability go to the Rotor Wing Forum’s “Gyroplane Thrustlines vs. Center of Gravity” research thread click on this link. http://www.rotaryforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13060&page=16

What Chuck wrote was:

“The only modern gyroplane that appears to completely meet the stability criteria established by Cierva is the Aviomania Genesis.

Perhaps the Austrian Arrow-Copter also conforms since I don’t think Chris Lang would have become involved if it didn’t. But I have no factual knowledge.

Oops! Almost forgot Ron Herron’s LittleWing, holder of most of the FAI records in its class. Ron was very careful to address the propeller thrust/CG issue as well as aerodynamic torque compensation.
Here’s a list of the LW’s FAI records:


--End Quote--

I wrote back the following:

Thank you for pointing this out Chuck and thank you for teaching me so much on this forum. Now that I am Aviomania’s Agent for the United States I feel some people may think I’m just trying to sell a product like any other salesmen and not telling them the truth. Only downside to being an Agent I don’t not get to express my “unbiased” opinion anymore because I am an agent and those of you who know me know I always EXPRESS MY OPINION on here on way too many things.
At least now I can point to this thread and show it is not my opinion but our HEAD GURU, master designer, and leading authority that pointed it out to me.
At that time I was on a mission to find an open frame, Safest, lightest weight, most maneuverable, gyroplane in the world so I could feel safe letting my family and friends also fly her like the fixed wing aircraft we own. I PREACH CLT way before I even knew of the Genesis! I’m going to be one of the only companies that will let you test fly her (after a CFI, I know, like Steve G signs you off telling me you are safe to fly her only because the Genesis is so stable.)

Thanks again Chuck. This will allow me to at least express your opinion and help make our sport safer.

--End Quote--

I hope this help accuse you I’ve done my home work and would only sell the safeties gyroplane in the world.

Sincerely John Rountree


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