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Co-ownerships   01.10.2020 11:18:40

How to make aircraft ownership affordable at a fraction of the cost!

     Download the Slideshow Presentation, Contracts and everything you need at the bottom of this page to get started! 

     In the old days you could build a gyrocopter for only a few hundred dollars. Today, for a state-of-the-art gyroplane it cost $15K for a true Ultralight, $18K to $25K for a single and from $30K to over $100K for a two-place where motorcycles and watercraft cost less.

Check it out an Aircraft is a perfect candidate for shared ownership as they usually just sit in the hanger waiting to be flown.

     There is a solution; as one of Popular Rotorcraft Association’s Chapter "San Diego Rotorcraft Club" that has created a program to own experimental gyroplanes as co-owners . The 18 page contract is what makes it fair with causes for everything that might occur like: “Co-owner’s Pay for What They Use” with an hourly usage charge and it assures that the co-owner who flies the most pays the most of: Loans, and loan repayment to members Hanger, insurance, expenses, maintenance, engine reserves, fuel, oil, and other operating costs. This assures that co-owners only pays the actual COST at an hourly low rate as co-owners are paying only for loans and expenses as they use the aircraft. This is only fair and so is the rest of the contract.

     We encourage you to download the presentation and contract and then advertize for a partner or partners so you can reduce the cost by 1/2 or more depending on the number of partners.

     We also advise you to join a local PRA Chapter and encourage members to setup a partnership with you in the same made and model Genesis as co-owners. You also might want to encourage them to setup a flight instruction program like PRA 31’s San Diego Rotorcraft Club’s  to solve the training problem.